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Chris Engelbach
A-TEC Ambulance, Inc.
Communications Coordinator

We recently used the BEAR on a patient who weighed 1076 lbs. and was on a vent (peep 10 via trach). We used a Stryker Bariatric Cot with the BEAR attached, our bariatric truck with ramps, and we did use our Hovermatt. The BEAR was able to securely hold the patient with the bariatric size Hovermatt and a Hoyer lift sling without causing any pressure points to the patient. The transport went as planned. We also had to rotate the patient due to a bed sore on his right buttocks that had a significant amount of the mass adjusted off center of the cot. If the BEAR was not there and holding him, I would have not been comfortable with the patient’s position on the cot. Patient stated that the BEAR relieved some of his stress about his abdominal mass moving during transport. We would like to demo this product all the way through February 9th on some other trucks (non bariatric) and once we get all that data, we will be talking.

Mike Dawson EMT-P
Operations Manager, EMS

Thank you for the opportunity to use the B.E.A.R product in our Ambulance Service. Our EMS crews found the concept intriguing yet practical. So far I have received very good reviews. For one patient, we used to need an LBS B.E.A.R., which meant our crew had to remove a door to get the patient out, but when we put the B.E.A.R on a Monster Medic cot they were able to move the patient while keeping the door on its hinges. Even crews who haven’t actually used the B.E.A.R. product on a patient want to know if we intend to purchase this B.E.A.R.. I look forward to continued input from our crews concerning real life experiences with the product.

Mark M. Greczkowski NREMT-P
American Ambulance Service, Inc.

American Ambulance Service, Inc. continually looks at products to better serve our entire patient population. We recently found a device for our bariatric patients. When we first looked into purchasing specialized bariatric equipment we decided on a stretcher that would provide more comfort for our patient. This also required a specialized ambulance as well. It did not take us long to determine that the stretcher was difficult to maneuver and lift and the specialized ambulance created some logistical concerns as well. Our fix for that was to go to a standard sized “power” stretcher which brought us back to a comfort and safety issue. This is when we found the “BEAR” device and we decided we needed to field test it. After our test we felt strongly that this was exactly what we needed for our patients. The “BEAR”, Bariatric Equalizing Abdominal Restraint, allowed us to comfortably and safely secure our patients to our “power” stretchers. The device centers the patient’s body on the stretcher which is more comfortable and safe as it allows us to raise the hand rails on the stretcher. All of the patients that we have used this device on tell us they feel more secure than they ever did, they even request it. Operationally, it has improved our on-scene and response times because we no longer require a specialized bariatric ambulance to respond. In our opinion, the BEAR device allows us the opportunity to provide high quality care for all of our patients. As our mission statement says, we are: Dedicated, Professional People Committed to Excellence Caring for YOU!

Wesley D. Anderson
Northwest Paramedic Associates Inc.
Chief of Operations

Recently you folks gave us an opportunity to utilize your new product. I have to admit I was more than moderately skeptical about its effectiveness or if we would ever attempt to use it. Given our current status of being the only agency capable of carrying large clients non-emergently we quickly had many occasions to attempt its use. My crew and I both found that the device was quick and easy to place on the gurney in preparation of our needing it. The effectiveness of the B.E.A.R device is unbelievable; I would have never imagined transporting an obese client with such ease and security. My Crew as well as I have been told by our clients that they have never felt so secure, comfortable, and stable during a transport as they do when the B.E.A.R has been utilized. Client states “I was afraid I was falling the last time your team transported me. With this new thing around me I feel safer than ever, and am no longer scared of being taken by ambulance”. Thank you for your ingenuity, creativity, It has truly made a difference in my ambulance crews lives, our clients lives.

Jodi Trueax

I had the personal experience of trying out this device recently. At first I was very skeptical, being a large individual myself, but was very much surprised. It is very comforting to know there are things like this out there for large people. Not only was it very comfortable and not binding but it made me feel a lot more secure on the gurney. I was able to relax and not worry about falling off as well as having a sense of freedom from holding myself rigid so as not to fall. I think this product is a plus for a company to have on hand for the transportation of large patient’s….. Kudos to the inventor…