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turn every cot into a BEAR-iatric cot

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Introducing the BEAR™

Our New Look


The BEAR™ has a new look!!! Colored straps help EMS personnel identify which straps go together and where they belong.

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The Bariatric Equalizing Abdominal Restraint (BEAR™)

is an innovative product that attaches to conventional ambulance cots and longboards to accommodate and stabilize the large abdominal mass of a obese/bariatric patient.

Mission Statement

To help achieve the Golden Hour of patient care for Bariatric and Extra Large patients. "

BEAR™ Benefits the Patient...

The BEAR helps a bariatric patient feel stable, comfortable, and safe. Patient anxiety is reduced, making the transport easier on everyone involved.

BEAR™ Benefits the Transport Team...

The BEAR reduces the risk of injury to the people transporting a bariatric patient. With the abdominal mass stabilized relative to the cot, the cot is more maneuverable and less likely to tip.

BEAR™ Helps the Budget...

The BEAR pays for itself many times over in just one use! Whether it's the loss of revenue from passing the call or not having to buy a Bariatric cot, you'll save hundreds to thousands of dollars!

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